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 Licensure for Dance/Movement Therapists in New York State

Since 2006 dance/movement therapists working in NYS have been required to apply to the NYS Education Department Office of Professions for a license to practice under the title, Creative Arts Therapist or Licensed Creative Arts Therapist.

In addition to needing to obtain a R-DMT or BC-DMT credential from the Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board, a dance/movement therapist practicing in New York State MUST obtain a license as a Creative Arts Therapist

The specific requirements for licensure are contained in Title 8, Article 163, Section 8404 of the New York State Education Law and Section 52.34 and Subpart 79-11 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. For details please click on the hyperlinks above. 

Licensees need to have graduated from an approved master’s degree program in dance/movement therapy, worked for 1500 hours with onsite supervision by an approved supervisor and then pass a written examination, all in accordance to the commissioner’s regulations. 

In order to begin to practice of DMT in NYS, after a dance/movement therapy student has finished his or her graduate education he or she needs to apply to the NYS Education Department Office of Professions for a limited permit to practice in NYS.  Many facilities will not hire someone unless he or she is able to get this permit or has already applied. The limited permit, which lasts one year, allows the applicant to practice while obtaining hours to meet the experience requirement for licensure to be eligible to take the exam. Fees need to be paid for the limited permit, licensure application and exams. 

This licensure law protects the title and the work we as creative arts therapists do as psychotherapy. It has no direct influence on insurance reimbursement for services provided in a private dance/movement therapy practice, although some medical insurance companies in NYS do reimburse their members for LCAT.

Below are the links to the New York State Education Department Office of Professions website where you can download 

Applications for limited permits and licenses

General information about licensing