Dance therapy, or dance/movement therapy (DMT), as defined by the American Dance Therapy Association, is “the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process which furthers the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual.” (www.adta.org)

People seeking psychotherapy often turn to verbal therapists; dance/movement therapists work in both the verbal and nonverbal realms using the body as a primary medium for expression and, like many psychotherapists, have private practices with individual clients.  Dance/movement therapists are also employed in psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, day care centers, developmental centers, correctional facilities, schools and rehabilitation facilities, working with a wide range of people and ages, in individual and group therapy. Dance/movement therapy can also be used in couples and family counseling/therapy. In addition, dance/movement therapy is also a useful modality for people seeking to empower themselves as they explore identity and fight against societal oppression and expectations, particularly those who have been marginalized in our society.

For more information about dance/movement therapy, please visit our national organization’s website at www.atda.org.


The New York State Chapter (NYSADTA) runs under the auspices and authority of the American Dance Therapy Association . It adheres to its own by-laws, while maintaining the standards and ethics set by the national Association.  Each year, NYSADTA  engages in a variety of activities to support its work and provide appropriate vehicles for the exchange of information with colleagues and the general public. We hold several business meetings throughout the year, present educational workshops, and host events for our members and interested allied professionals.

NYSADTA members participate in the annual, national ADTA conference both as presenters and as chapter representatives for important regional and national ADTA meetings.  The chapter provides consumers of mental health with a list of qualified dance/movement therapists for consultation, and students and recent graduates with a list of supervisors. For a list of supervisors and therapists, please visit our Directory page.


Since 1979, with founding President Marie King, the NYSADTA  has been devoted to serving the needs of New York’s dance/movement therapists and the people they serve through education and promotion. After over thirty years of commitment, the New York Chapter has established itself as the largest chapter in the nation and one of the first chapters to be granted licensure in the United States.

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