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People seeking psychotherapy often turn to verbal therapists; dance/movement therapists work in both the verbal and nonverbal realms using the body as a primary medium for expression. Experienced DMT’s may work in private practice and are licensed psychotherapists in NY State. Dance/movement therapists are also employed in psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, day care centers, developmental centers, correctional facilities, schools and rehabilitation facilities, working with a wide range of people and ages, in individual and group therapy. Dance/movement therapy can also be used in couples and family counseling/therapy.

In addition, dance/movement therapy is also a useful modality for people seeking to empower themselves as they explore identity and fight against societal oppression and expectations, particularly those who have been marginalized in our society.

Who We Are

Therapists have a minimum of a Master’s degree or equivalent in educational training, extensive background in dance and movement studies, and at least two years clinical experience and practice. Trained in psychology as well as the developmental, expressive and communicative aspects of movement dance/movement therapists use both movement and verbal interactions to effect social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical change, and/or spiritual growth.

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The amount of practicing DMT’s in New York State is always growing! For the most up to date last, please use the following link to find a DMT in your area:

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