NYSADTA Continuing Education (CE) Workshops

Application for Interested Presenters

  1. Interested presenters must submit the following information (see application below), which is based on regulations 79-11.8 (c)(2), to the NYSADTA Board for review by emailing nysadtapresident@gmail.com:
    1. Objectives
    2. Topic
    3. Description of workshop
    4. The length of time needed
    5. Teaching methods  
    6. Title
  2. The NYSADTA board reviews workshop applications once a month during monthly board meetings.  The NYSADTA board will review the applications and decide if the application is appropriate based on the above guidelines.
  3. Once the NYSADTA board has made a decision, the member will be given the decision via a written letter in an email. Based on that decision, planning would/would not begin for the workshop.