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The Referral Service

The Directory below provides a list of registered dance/movement therapists in private practice working with individuals and/or groups. Also included are practicioners’ locations, special interests and areas of expertise.

Who We Serve

Adults, children, adolescents and families with a wide variety of needs, including:

Autism, Depression, low self-esteem, poor body image, addiction,  Anxiety Disorders, physical rehabilitation/brain injury, survivors of physical and/or sexual abuse, Adult Children of Alcoholics or dysfunctional families, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, relationship and intimacy problems, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Mental Retardation, Eating Disorders, Schizophrenia, Chronic Pain and geriatric issues.

Who We Are

Therapists have a minimum of a Master’s degree or equivalent in educational training, extensive background in dance and movement studies, and at least two years clinical experience and practice. Trained in psychology as well as the developmental, expressive and communicative aspects of movement dance/movement therapists use both movement and verbal interactions to effect social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical change, and/or spiritual growth.


Anne Mitcheltree, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LCAT
Location: Goldwater Memorial Hospital on Roosevelt Island
Population: multiple diagnosis, psychiatry, language barriers and physically disabled in long term care.
Phone:  212-677-1318
Offers supervision
Additional information: “I have worked full time for New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation for thirty years.”


Locations: Manhattan & Bronxville (Westchester)
Populations: Adults, Teens, Families, Groups.  Recent and Developmental Trauma, Relational Issues, Mood Disorders.
Phone:  212-956-6920 / 914-636-3868                                                                                                                                                                                                             Offering Therapy and Supervision                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Additional Information: I combine dance/movement therapy with verbal therapy as well as somatic experiencing® as needed, and by mutual agreement with the people with whom I work.  If what we do is seen, joined, and accepted, we feel held, able to go beyond the familiar, to plant a foot in new territory and grow anew, using the pain of old experience for fertile new wisdoms.


Cara A. Gallo, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT
Populations: Children, adolescents, and adults.
Location: Brooklyn and Manhattan
Phone: 718.490.5912
Offering individual and group supervision to R-DMT (s). Individual and group Authentic Movement.
Additional Information:  Specializing in attachment issues, depression, anxiety, and truama, adjustment issues and pervasive developmental disorders.


Christine Matteson, MA, BC-DMT, LCAT, LMHC
Location:  Syracuse, NY
Populations: Therapy for Depression and Anxiety, Stress Management, Work and Career issues, Relationship Difficulties, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorders;  parent/child issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,   Eating Disorders
Phone number:  (315) 263-6790
Offers supervision and therapy
Additional information: “ I often use a combination of DBT, and Trauma-focused CBT in my work; in addition to dance therapy.”


Corinna Brown MA, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT
Locations: Manhattan, Brooklyn, & worldwide via Skype
Populations: Pre-schoolers, Adolescents, Adults, Geriatrics and Couples
Phone: 917.664.8230
Offering: Individual & Group Psychotherapy, Supervision and Consultation
Specializations: Addictions, Mental illness, Physical/Medical illnesses, Normal Neuroses, Research in CAT, Choreography & Performance
Additional information:  Has 21 years of group and mental health experience in a vast variety of settings, advanced training and certificate in Neo-Reichian Psychotherapy, received certificate in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling from Long Island University, worked for over 10 years at Bellevue Hospital in Addiction Psychiatry, has taught research methods for over 6 years at Pratt Institute’s Graduate CAT Program, served on ADTA research subcommittee for 5 years and has published work in The Arts in Psychotherapy. Remains active in choreographing and performing.


Deborah J. Welsh, Ed.D, BC-DMT, LCAT, LMHC
Location:   Syracuse, NY
Population(s): General Private Practice with Women, Men, Couples and Families; Chronically Mentally Ill In-and Out-Patient- Hutchings State Psychiatric Center; Pro-Bono service with veterans and their families through our local Support Troops Network.
Phone:   315 479-7718
Offers supervision and therapy
Additional information: “I have extensive experience in Jungian theory and practice, particularly active imagination (the basis of Authentic Movement) and dreamwork. I have led many workshops, retreats, and taught graduate and undergraduate courses.  I am available for presentations and guest lecture-demonstrations.”


Deborah Stone, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT
Location: NY, NY
Population: I work with children, adolescents, families, couples and individual adults.
Phone: 917-334-7745
Offers: Supervision and therapy. I am willing to work remotely over Skype.
Additional information: I have extensive postgraduate training in child, family  and couples therapy from the Institute for the Arts in Psychotherapy and the Ackerman Institute for the Family.  My work encompasses verbal psychotherapy as well as dance/movement therapy and developmental transformations (a form of play therapy for all ages), depending on the desires of the client.


Erin Humbaugh, MA, BC-DMT, LCAT, NCC
Location: Long Island City, Queens
Population: Adult
Phone: 614-571-0279
Offers: Individual and group therapy for adults, child and caregiver movement classes, supervision for Board Certification


Jean Seibel  MS, BC-DMT, LCAT
Located in Westchester County, NY and Bronx, NY
Population:  Adults
Phone: 914-557-7668
Offers supervision, psychotherapy, and dance/movement therapy


Jennifer Daniel, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT
Location: NYC – Queens, Manhattan
Population: Adults – Psychiatric, MICA, and related symptoms
Provides therapy and supervision


Jennifer Frank Tantia, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Population: Works with adults who are experiencing symptoms of trauma, body image problems, relationship difficulties and problems with depression/anxiety.
Phone: 646.591.4017
Offers supervision to R-DMT(s) seeking the BC-DMT as well as therapy to students and therapists.
Additional information:  ”My work is based in both dance/movement therapy and somatic psychology, to address both the internal experiences of oneself as well as the expression of the self to the world. I offer a compassionate model that works by ‘listening through the body’ to discover the ‘true self’ that lies within.”


Joan S. Ingalls, Ed.D., BC-DMT, LCAT, LMHC
Location: NY, NY
Population(s): individuals, couples, groups; age 15 and up
Specializes in sport/performance counseling working with athletes on the emotional and mental aspects of performance, including motivation, anxiety, injury avoidance and rehab, and retirement.
Phone: 212 675 6230917 776 9978
Offers supervision and individual, couples and group therapy
Additional information: “I emphasize emotional growth and development, and the healing aspects of group interactive improvisation and relationship building.”


Joan Wittig MS, BC-DMT, LCAT
Population:  Adults with all diagnoses
Phone: 212-252-2465
Offers supervision and therapy
Additional information:
 Director, DMT Program, Pratt Institute, 
Co-Director, New York Center for the Study of Authentic Movement


Kristin Lamphear MA, BC-DMT, LCAT
Location: New York, NY
Populations: MRDD Populations, Chidren on the Autism Spectrum, Children with Behavioral Disabilities, Adults with Acute Psychiatric Illness, and any other mood disorders.
Phone: 336-705-0232
Offers Supervision, both individual and group
Additional information: “I ground my theory and practice around Object Relations Theory. I believe in the power of change and with the right foundation growth can occur in many aspects.”


Laurice D. Nemetz, MA, BC-DMT, LCAT, E-RYT
Location: Westchester County, NY
Population: specializations include trauma, pre and post-natal, special injuries and rehab, DMT combined with yoga therapeutics.
Offers supervision and takes new therapeutic clients on a limited basis.
Additional information: “Most of my work is combined with yoga therapeutics and I also specialize in teaching applied anatomy (especially workshops for movement therapists).”


Maria E. Rivera, MA, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT
Location: Brooklyn and Bronx, NY
Populations: Adults (In-patient) and Young Adults
Offers: private dance/movement therapy
Additional information: “As a professional dancer trained in Afro-Caribbean traditional dances, I also incorporate these elements into my theoretical framework and DMT practice.”


Marie Mckenna-Aguirre, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT
Population: Children with autism spectrum disorders
Elderly alzheimer/dementia
Phone: 917-334-7745
Offers therapy and supervision


Melissa Dukofsky MA, BC-DMT, LMHC, LCAT, NCC
Location: Valley Stream, NY (Nassau County)
Populations: Adults, Children, Addiction, Pain Management
Offering Supervision and therapy services
Providing clinical supervision for professional development and licensing requirements as well as individual psychotherapy.


Nada Khodlova, MA, BC-DMT, LCAT
Location: Beacon, NY and NYC
Populations: Children, Adults, Older Adults; specializing in Women’s issues, Trauma, Dementia
Phone: 646-633-8052
Offers supervision and therapy
Additional information:
“I also facilitate Sacred Circle dance groups where traditional folk
dances are utilized as tools of community building, healing,
transformation, and spiritual deepening.”


Nana Koch, Ed.D, BC-DMT, LCAT, NCC, CMA
Location: New City, New York
Populations: Children, adolescents and adults with development delays ; in-patient adolescents and adults with a range of psychiatric diagnoses; normal neurotic.
Phone: 845-634-7476
Offers supervision
Additional information:
I have worked as a dance therapy clinician and educator for four decades. In particular,  my work has included providing direct treatment in in-patient and out-patient settings and supervision of practicing therapists who seek to deepen their understanding of their working relationship with clients and/or their staff.


Pamela Faith Lerman, M.Ed., BC-DMT, LCAT, LMHC
Location:  Albany, NY
Populations:  Adolescents, Trauma Recovery, Women with Body Image issues and Eating Disorders, Adults with psychiatric issues, Older adults as well as Adults with Dementia
Phone number :  518-831-6969
Offers supervision
Additional information:
I have worked as a dance/movement therapist since 1987, providing dance/movement therapy and creative arts therapies to people with many different issues.  I also teach Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy at Russell Sage College.


Patricia P. Capello, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LCAT
Location: Maimonides Medical Center
 Department of Psychiatry 
920 48th Street 
Brooklyn, NY  111219
Phone:  718-283-8122
Population: Specializing in adult Psychiatric Inpatients/Outpatients
Offers: Supervision


Suzie Tortora, Ed.D., BC-DMT, CMA, LCAT, LMHC
Phone: 845-265-1085
Location: Cold Spring, NY and New York City
Offers: Supervision and therapy
Private Practice Populations: All ages- adult, infant, child, family – specialize in birth – 5; parent-infant/child relations
Other information: Themes working with: Chronic pain; psychotherapy; normal-neurotic;anxiety;abuse/trauma; authentic movement focus; rehabilitation; parent-infant/child; adoption; developmental delays; ADD/ADHD; PDD/autistic spectrum; language/communication disorders


Tamar Kipnis  MS, LP, NCPsyA , BC-DMT, LCAT
Location: New York, NY
Population(s): Private practice; Adults, Couples and Children
Phone number: 212 252 2417
Offers psychoanalytic supervision, dance therapy supervision and integration of both.
~Licensed Psychoanalyst
~Trained in Family and Couples psychotherapy
~Specializes in Creativity Issues, Relationships, Career changes , early child development and “new” mothers/parental issues
Additional Information: In 1993 I completed Authentic Movement training with Zoe Avstrich and (In 1995) I completed the KMP Training program as well as family therapy training at the Urban Institute. I am a Licensed Psychoanalyst since 2006 and completed additional advance Relational Psychoanalytic training at the Allison White Mitchell center  in 2009. I am a faculty member at the Institute for Expressive Analysis- which is a psychoanalytic training institute which specialize in the integration of creative arts and psychoanalysis in NYC.


Tyler (Ty) Tedmon-Jones, MA, LCAT, LMHC, BC-DMT
Location: 330 West 38th Street; Suite 1201; New York, NY 10018
Phone: 917-671-8274
My private practice, Somatic Revelations, specializes in the following areas: play and movement-based therapy for children and families; individual psychotherapy (verbal and creative arts therapy) with teens, adults and retirees; couples therapy; dance/movement therapy training and supervision
Additional information:
I have specialized experience and training in early childhood mental health (birth – 6), trauma (EMDR), depression and serious mental health disorders. I welcome all members of the LGBTQ community dealing with personal, career, family or couples issues. My private practice office is conveniently located near Times Square and Penn Station, in NYC. I offer a sliding scale and a free introductory 30 minute session.