Winter Newsletter

Winter Newsletter

December 18, 2012 Season’s Greetings! As this year comes to an end, I’d like to take the time to reach out to our membership in the spirit of reconnecting to ourselves and to each other. This past year brought many opportunities for growth and healing. As a board, we were proud to offer events such as the Barefoot Boogie Fundraiser and the Hip Hop Psychology Workshop, as well as the Post-Sandy Gathering for creative arts […]


by Karin Nadler Just the other day, I was shopping for last minute Halloween accessories at Party City. I made a left out of the store and started walking west on 14th Street. My friends were laughing at me because they could not believe how excited I was simply because we were walking past Pratt. Of course, it’s not the physical building that excites me. It’s the endless memories, the lessons learned, the ineffable friends […]

The New York State Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association

Dance therapy, or dance/movement therapy (DMT), as defined by the American Dance Therapy Association, is “the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process which furthers the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual.” ( People seeking psychotherapy often turn to verbal therapists; dance/movement therapists  work in both the verbal and nonverbal realms using the body as a primary medium for expression and, like many psychotherapists, have private practices with individual clients.  Dance/movement therapists […]