Celebrating 54 years of the American Dance Therapy Association!

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Come be part of the ADTA’s 54th anniversary celebration at this year’s annual conference in Miami, FL from October 17–20, 2019.  Join us as we bring the power of dance/movement therapy to the Miami Riverwalk area.  Highlights of this year’s conference include:

  • Keynote speakers in conversation with top dance/movement therapists
  • A site-specific dance choreographed by Marylee Hardenbergh
  • Marian Chace Foundation of ADTA Lecture with Nana Koch
  • International panel
  • Research and thesis project poster session
  • Historical panels recounting our unique history
  • A special day of programming for other allied mental health professionals
  • The best Saturday-night dance party in the universe

Dance/movement therapy and other mental health continuing education available.

Be ready, dance/movement therapists; we are heading to Miami!


The Conference Theme

This years’ conference theme, Building Connections: Dance/Movement Therapy in our Diverse World, is meant to be contemplated on multiple levels.  To begin, consider the following definitions from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:


  1. A means of communication or transport
  2. Coherence, continuity
  3. Causal or logical relation or sequence


  1. Composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities
  2. Differing from one another